Q: Why should I do a nude photoshoot?

A: There are a lot of different reasons you might want to do a nude photoshoot with us. Perhaps you want to surprise a partner with a sexy gift, or want to celebrate an achievement in your own life. Maybe you haven’t felt very attractive lately, or feel ashamed of your body. People come to us for all kinds of reasons, and each one is valid. What we find is that the experience is actually very therapeutic and empowering for most of our clients. They see themselves in a new light, both physically and emotionally, as they have done something that might scare them a little bit but come out of it feeling stronger and more satisfied with themselves.

Q: What should I expect when I arrive for my session?

A: When you arrive at the studio you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members and offered a glass of wine or other beverage while you wait. You will wait in our lounge which is very comfortable and relaxing and – the best part – has treats waiting for you! We want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the process, so we strive to make the studio welcoming rather than intimidating.

Q: I’ve never posed nude before – will someone be guiding me?

A: Yes! The photographer will tell you exactly how to pose, how to move, and where to look. We know that most of our clients are not professional models, and don’t put any added pressure on them that they know how to move like one. The photographer knows how to make you look great, so just let them guide you.

Q: Is anyone else in the room during my session?

A: No, only the photographer is in the room unless you specifically request to have someone else with you. The photographer leaves the room while you undress to give you privacy, and you simply ring a bell once you are ready to have them return.

Q: I’m a bit shy, do I have to show all my “parts”?

A: No, in fact a piece of red satin is draped over the hip area whenever exposure might become an issue. We want the photos to be tasteful and artistic and most of all something you are comfortable with. If there is any other part of yourself that you are uncomfortable showing you can let us know, but we strongly recommend leaving your comfort zone in order to get the most out of the experience.

Q: How should I do my hair and makeup for the shoot?

A: For your hair we ask that you leave it down, in whatever style you like. For your makeup, just wear it however you usually do. We want the photos to look like you, and for you to feel as natural and “yourself” as possible.

Q: I don’t look like a typical model. I’m not young, I’m plus size, I’m a mom. Is this really for me?

A: Yes, yes, YES! Our goal at Nuovo is to show every single person their beauty. We don’t discriminate and we certainly don’t believe only one type of person should be shot nude. Every body is beautiful, and our aim is to show each and every one of our clients that.

Q: When do I get to see my pictures?

A: Right after the shoot! Once you have completed the session with the photographer, one of our staff members will bring you upstairs to look over the shots and select the ones you like most to have properly edited and purchase. It is in this time that we often see people become emotional and what they are seeing – they had no idea they looked the way they do.

Q: What should I expect when I come for my session?