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Our artistic style is expressed through our midnight black studio background (available in Toronto & Ottawa), and our pure white studio background (available in Montréal).

The Experience

Enjoy a glass of wine, shoot with our professional photographers, and get a chance to review your photos with your photographer. We’re here to make you feel as comfortable, confident, and beautiful as possible. It’s all part of the Nuovo experience!

Wear Nothing But Confidence

Nuovo's mission is to unveil everyone's true beauty - regardless of age or body shape. We don’t discriminate and we certainly don’t believe only one type of person should be photographed semi-nude. Every single body is beautiful, and we strive to show each and every one of our clients exactly that.

Katie from Ottawa

Sara from Montreal

Our Locations


Black Studio Background

Address: 326 Carlaw Ave suite 125, Toronto, ON M4M 3N8, Canada

Phone: 647-503-7075


Black Studio Background

Address: 598 McLeod St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 5R3

Phone: 613-604-0570


White Studio Background

Address: 1460 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Québec, H3H 1K4

Phone: 438-834-2225


Black Studio Background

Address: 157 Alexander St, Suite 200, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6A 1B8

Phone: 778-657-5574