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The Experience

There are many reasons people come to our studios to do a semi-nude photoshoot. Some want to celebrate a personal achievement, some come to work on loving themselves for who they are, and others simply wish to see themselves in a new light - whatever the case they leave our studios enriched in mind, body and soul.

Yes! Everybody is beautiful, and we strive to show each of our clients exactly that. Whether or not you have prior experience in front of a camera, we provide guidance and support every step of the way. We all deserve opportunities to love ourselves.

The average investment is around $1000.


You can get started by booking a free, 30 minute consultation call with a Nuovo Guest Consultant. We offer consultations in English and French.

Click here to get started.

Please visit our Booking policy page.

Please visit our Refund policy page.


Each studio is home to an all-female team of photographers, one of whom will guide you through the entire experience. You can be rest assured that one of our all-female team members will make you feel right at home.

To achieve the best results, we recommend doing the photoshoot nude. It may not be possible for our editing team to remove your undergarments in the retouching process. In every pose that we capture, your hips will be covered by the satin at all times. As for the chest, you have the option to cover with the satin, cover with your hands, or to go uncovered. In any case, you won’t ever have to do something you don’t want to.

In our Montreal and Miami studio we offer a stunning white background where you can choose from a variety of colored satin drapes to compliment your look.

In our Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver studios, you will find the signature black background with red satin drapes.

You’ll get to see your photos immediately after the photoshoot! Once you’ve completed the session with the photographer, they will bring you to the viewing room where you’ll get the opportunity to pick your favorite shots.

Your time spent in the studio is dependent upon some variables:

If you chose to schedule beauty services for your experience, plan to spend approximately two and a half hours with us.

If you have chosen not to schedule any beauty services, you can expect to be with us for about one and a half hours.


Your digital photos will be sent to you via email using a service called WeTransfer. It’s a secure, easy-to-use and free file transferring service that holds your security and privacy to the highest standards.

Your digital photos will be sent to you via WeTransfer within 10-15 business days after the day of your shoot.

Our in-house retouching team will make sure your images are as beautiful as can be.

If you’re having trouble finding your WeTransfer email, search your email inbox for ‘WeTransfer’.

If using Gmail, check your ‘Promotional’ or ‘Updates’ mail folder.

If you’re still having difficulties, please reach out to and we’ll do our best to help.

You will securely receive your 12 digital photos by email 15 business days after the date of your photoshoot.

Our Customer Care team will send you a digital preview of your album and/or aluminum print 4 weeks after you’ve received your digital photos. They will also request your approval for us to begin the printing process.

You will receive your album and/or aluminum print by mail 4 weeks after you’ve approved it for printing.

It should be noted that additional time is always required for albums and aluminum prints and we cannot guarantee that the items will be shipped by any certain date and time, as shipping and production delays are out of our control. Prompt communication with us will always help ensure you receive your items in the most timely manner possible.

Designs, such as our signature heart design, change of satin color, wing design etc. require additional time to create.

You will receive the designed version of the image 4 weeks from the date you received your images.


Yes! We have a professional team of all-female retouchers who will edit your images.

By default, our retouching style is natural; we remove what is temporary to the skin and body such as a blemish, bruise, or scrape, and we keep the permanent such as tattoos and birthmarks. Our standard editing process applies to all digital images but if you wish to request further editing, you will have the opportunity to do so at the time of your photoshoot!

These designs are available to be purchased as an upgrade.

The designs featured on our social platforms such as our signature heart design or a satin design are not included in the retouching you will receive on your Digital Photo packages.


This promotion covers your time in-studio, offers you one free digital photo, and 50% off of your makeup session.

To visit any one of our studios, you must meet the age of majority for the province or state in which you are visiting:

Florida: 18+ years of age
Ontario: 19+ years of age
British Columbia: 19+ years of age
Québec: 18+ years of age

Visit our LinkedIn page to learn more about current opportunities! We’re always looking for new, energetic and passionate individuals to join the team. Alternatively, you can email us at


We care about our artists’ time, and the time of our clients. To ensure both are respected, we ask for a fully refundable deposit that solidifies each reservation, 100% reimbursed on the condition that you arrive at your appointment.

If you chose to purchase in-studio products, you can alternatively choose to deduct your deposit from your bill.

We offer payment plans on all our products via Klarna, GoCardless, and our internal financing program.

For any payment-related questions, please contact

Your deposit will be refunded to the same payment method used to pay for the deposit within 10 business days following your photoshoot.


We developed an array of predetermined poses that were specifically conceived to accentuate the natural beauty of all bodies, so don’t worry about making up your own poses. Our kind and talented photographers will guide you through each step of the process and ensure you are positioned perfectly to capture your good side every time!

In order to be featured on any one of our platforms, simply tell your photographer that you’re interested in this! Because we take your privacy seriously, we do not post any photos of our clients without formal written consent. We also cannot guarantee that your photos will be posted, but we do sincerely appreciate your interest and support!

If you have beauty services scheduled, we ask that you bring your own mascara for hygienic purposes. Beyond this, you don’t have to bring anything but yourself! We also ask that you don’t bring jewelry, as we strive to create timeless pieces of art.

We suggest that you come to your photoshoot by yourself for the best experience! It’s a highly intimate experience, and having additional guests can take away from this.

The promotion is only valid for one photoshoot with Nuovo Artistic Studios.

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